If you are looking for professional support in construction in the area of ​​subcontracting and the deployment of assembly teams, you've come to the right place. Our many years of experience make us a reliable partner, where quality and flexibility ensure excellent cooperation, which leads to your projects being completed properly.

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The demand for new-build houses never stops. Furthermore, the requirements for sustainability, energy consumption, and the use of alternative materials increase as well. As your expert partner, we can offer fitting solutions to ensure that your projects are finished according to all the required standards and within the stipulated schedule.


As a subcontractor, we offer solutions so you can complete your projects professionally from start to finish. We have long-standing experience and expertise in all the supporting aspects of the construction processes for industrial properties, from the basic work to the final touches.


Apart from housing and industrial construction projects, we are also specialized in supporting the realization of infrastructure projects. Our motivated and expert employees make sure that all the required work is carried out with great perfection.


As a subcontractor, we have our expert professionals carry out (part of) the work that you, as the main contractor, have taken on.more info

temporary work

Temporary employment means that an employee is made available by an employer to a third party for a fee and for a limited period of time.more info


Contact us If you are looking for support in construction in the area of ​​subcontracting and the deployment of assembly teams,more info

contribution to save the environment

We play an important role in realizing sustainable and resource-saving development. We are committed to sustainable development and the efficient use of resources. If Germany takes a pioneering role today in the efficient use of resources and in the implementation of important goals of energy and climate policy, that is also a major achievement of our companies.


We have been making a significant contribution to protecting the environment for a long time: Today, mineral construction waste is almost completely recycled and kept in the material cycle. This relieves the burden on landfills and conserves primary raw materials.